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September 17 - October 15, 2022


THE ANZAI GALLERYでは9月17日より、イラストレーター、アーティストとして活躍するJUN OSON氏の個展「WHATEVER」を開催致します。







THE ANZAI GALLERY is pleased to present "WHATEVER", a solo exhibition by illustrator and artist JUN OSON from 17th September. "Anything and everything overflows, like waves crashing one after the other. When you think one wave is receding, the next one is coming. It repeats itself over and over again. What can we select from here? Let’s do whatever we want. No one can decide whether that selection is wrong or not." The accelerating digitalisation of the world has created many opportunities for us to have a place to share and gather information. At the same time, however, the world is flooded with vast amounts of information that cannot be processed. In our daily lives, we too are forced to choose and discard information, and each time we do, it affects us in some way – it can be encouraging, saddening, or overwhelming. The phenomenon of having so many selections can make us feel powerless and worn out. The title of this exhibition, WHATEVER, is derived from the feelings of not knowing whether our feelings are positive or negative, which we often carry whilst living in this modern society running over with all kinds of people and things. We live busy lives, and our feelings are always fluctuating. Yet sometimes we shall shut out information and say, "Well, that's OK, isn't it?" and try to find a place and time to live the way we relish.



会        期 :  2022年9月17日~10月15日

会        場 :  THE ANZAI GALLERY

住        所 :  東京都品川区東品川1-32-8 TERRADA ART COMPLEX II 3F

開廊時間 :   12:30 ~18:00

休  廊  日 :   日・月・祝

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