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Jack Kabangu

Børn af fremtiden / Children of the future

May 19 - June 17, 2023


THE ANZAI GALLERYでは、ジャック・カバングによる個展「Børn af fremtiden / Children of the future」を開催いたします。本展では、カバングが地球規模の気候変動に対する見解について考察した作品群を展示いたします。気候変動は解決するべき重要な課題であり、デンマークを拠点に生活および活動するカバングにとって、最悪のシナリオを考えることも珍しいことではありません。数年後、あるいは私たちの明日がどうなっているかは、誰でも知り得ません。気候変動が激しさを増す中で、次の世代により安全な未来を提供するために、私たちにできることは何なのでしょうか。カバングは、自分のための内省を行い、地球に対してどのように感謝できるのか、作品を通じてさらに一歩踏み込みたいと考えています。

THE ANZAI GALLERY is delighted to present “Børn af fremtiden / Children of the future”, a solo exhibition with Jack Kabangu. 

The exhibition presents a series of works where Kabangu has reflected on his personal view on global climate change. Given that climate change is a significant challenge of our time, considering the worst-case scenario of the world is happening here and now to Kabangu, who lives and works in Denmark. How the world will look in several years or our tomorrow has yet to be determined. In a world where climate change is raging, what can we do to offer a safer future for the next generations? Kabangu wants to make his reflection for himself and take a step further into what he is thankful for on Earth. 

The exhibition “Børn af fremtiden / Children of the future” is the second time THE ANZAI GALLERY works with Jack Kabangu. Yet, it will offer an unparalleled presentation by him attributable to its scale. Kabangu is an emerging artist whose artistic expression is constantly changing and developing. Kabangu would like to share with the Tokyo audience - that those who already have seen his painting at the Fair can enjoy some fun developments he has made in his paintings, and those who are new to his work, they can appreciate his paintings full of his soul, inspiration and spirit.

Jack Kabangu

Børn af fremtiden /

Children of the future

会        期 :  2023年5月19日~6月17日

会        場 :  THE ANZAI GALLERY

住        所 :  東京都品川区東品川1-32-8 TERRADA ART COMPLEX II 3F

開 廊 時間 :  12:30~18:00

休   廊  日 :  日・月・祝

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