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Physical NFT Art Exhibition

Into the Metaverse

October 2 - 30, 2021


THE ANZAI GALLERYでは葉山禎治とコムロタカヒロによる二人展「Into the Metaverse」を開催する。葉山とコムロにとって今回は日本で初めてのNFTアートの発表となる。本展は作品7点をプロジェクター、液晶モニター、ブラウン管テレビに投影し、エディション付きのNFTアートとして展示する。「Into the Metaverse」のために両アーティストが制作した作品は、NFT(非代替性トークン​:non-fungible token)の近年の発展がもたらしたメディアアートの急速な変化への反応と言える。本展では、NFTベースのメディアアートが持つ可動性や変換性によって、ハイブリッド化した展示空間を作り出す。



THE ANZAI GALLERY is proud to present Into the Metaverse, a duo-exhibition of Teiji Hayama and Takahiro Komuro. Hayama and Komuro will make their NFT art debut by exhibiting 7 media-based works displayed multiple times on projectors, LCD monitors, and CRT TVs. All the works in the show are available as editioned NFTs, therefore de-emphasizing the preciousness of the physical work. Both artists created their works for “Into the Metaverse” specifically in response to the quickly changing landscape of media art as a result of the recent developments in non-fungible token technology. “Into the Metaverse” presents a hybrid gallery space in which this hybridized experience of the exhibition exists through the mobility and transmutability of NFT based media art.


The metaverse refers to the virtual reality space that peripherally exists alongside our physical reality. We exist in this metaverse as the cyber extensions of ourselves and art has become an intrinsic part of that virtual reality experience. Instagram, Artsy, PDF catalogues, and online-viewing rooms have shifted the physical experience of exhibitions to an immaterial flatness of poorly cropped images and video. While the audience of fine arts has adapted to these shifts in the metaverse, the artists and galleries themselves have not yet reciprocated this gesture. Just as the invention of the camera altered the notion of “documentation,” NFT technology has modified the role of the material art object. Conventionally a viewer's engagement with a piece of art is dictated by that work's presence as a physically immutable object. But the operations of NFTs allow for the same critical aspects of the immutable art object to exist within the metaverse. Materiality might be no longer needs to serve as a means of technical validation or a signifier of conceptual value.


NFT Art Exhibition

Into the Metaverse

会        期 :  2021年10月2日~30日

会        場 :  THE ANZAI GALLERY

住        所 :  東京都品川区東品川1-32-8 TERRADA ART COMPLEX II 3F

開廊時間 :   12:30~18:00

休  廊  日 :   日・月・祝

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