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Sasha Ferré


Sasha Ferre (b. 1985, France) is a French visual artist working and living between London and Paris. She received her MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in London. Ferre’s paintings with oil sticks and canvas represent her alchemical knowledge of the materials - they vibrate, they even throbs, as if the colour-material of her paintings were animated by the breath of life. The works she creates are impressive for their dynamism, as if the paintings themselves are alive. When you gaze at the lines and colours of each of her works, you can see plants in motion, cells interweaving, and new life being born. If you listen carefully, you can hear the whispers of her works. Not to seek hidden meanings in paintings. Not to thoroughly understand something. The important element of Ferre’s work is to bring your eyes and ears to the paintings and feel them. Her works are there for your enjoyment. In 2022, She was featured in the New American Painting Pacific Coast edition, and was selected for exhibitions in London at Saatchi Gallery, Gold Gallery, Unit London Gallery, Daniel Benjamin Gallery and Josh Lilley Gallery. 

Germination (Red), 2022

Oil on wood panel

L160 x W130 x D4.5 cm

Yellow Fur, 2022

Oil on wood panel

L100 x W85 x D5 cm

Murmuration (Blue), 2021

Oil, acrylic, oil pastel on linen

L265 x W202.5 x D4.5 cm

Murmuration (Green), 2021

Oil, acrylic, oil pastel on linen

L253 x W202 x D4.5 cm 

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