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Takahiro Komuro (b. 1985, Japan) is a Japanese sculptor currently based in Tokyo. Rooted in American comics and American science fiction of the 80s and 90s, Komuro’s life-size wooden sculptures, which through the visual illusion of movable joints and the materiality of soft vinyl, appear to be enlarged versions of children’s toys. His sculptures invite the audience’s imagination to interact with them similar to child play. Komuro received his MFA and BFA from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture. Selected solo exhibitions include DEEP SEA, Seoul (2022); WILDERNESS, Tokyo (2022); TOXIC SWAMP, Tokyo (2022); WHITE HOLE, Tokyo (2021); and Flying Mountain, Tokyo (2020). 

Magic dragon, 2021 

Painted wood, W117 x L69 x H150.1cm

Etaernal youth girl #1, 2021

Painted wood, W42 x L26 x H69  cm

Crystal prison, 2020 

Alminium, W27.6 L13.2 H40.6 cm

Garm 2, 2020

Painted wood, W117 x L69 x H150.1cm

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