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Teiji Hayama (b. 1975, Japan), is a Japanese painter currently based in Switzerland. After graduating from the Central Saint Martins, Hayama started his career as an oil painter. Expressed in his grayscale paintings, his work is known for depicting oddly distorted portraits with bored, exhausted faces inspired by old Hollywood celebrities and vintage photography. Through his portraits of glamorous personage with droopy eyes and long amorphous rubber-like bodies, tackles the viewer on how social media fatigue has overburdened humans. Selected solo exhibitions include Under Pressure (Arsham/Fieg Gallery, New York, 2019), ), I link, therefore I am  (Unit London, London, 2021), Ethereal Icons (GR Gallery, New York, 2020). 

Monster Marylin, 2020

Oil on Canvas, 200 x 180 cm

Triple Cleo, 2020

Oil on Canvas, 90 x 83 cm

Orange Norma, 2020

Oil on Canvas, 60 x 70 cm

BBB, 2020

Oil on Canvas,  60 x 70 cm

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