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Teppei Kojima (b. 1981, Japan), is a Japanese Bonsai producer and artisan, CEO of TRADMAN’S BONSAI. After a period as a student where Kojima was captivated by street culture, including music, fashion and tattoos, he became active in the fashion industry as a buyer. Whilst going abroad to buy, Kojima became aware of the beauty of Japanese culture and was fascinated by the depth of history and beauty of 'bonsai'. In 2015, Kojima established TRADMAN'S BONSAI with the aim of conveying the traditional Japanese culture of bonsai to the world. (Matsubaya Co., Ltd. was established later in 2016). He creates spaces with 'bonsai' with a unique world view and collaborates with various brands and artists such as 'shu uemura', 'NIKE', 'Dior' and 'RIMOWA'. With 'tradition is a series of innovations' in mind, he transmits the coolness of traditional Japanese bonsai across generations and countries. 

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